Sunday, February 23, 2020

VENT: Article, Tear Down-"Rebuild"

VENT-Can You Relate?

with Queen Versatile


(Getting Straight to the Point👈)

People get married prematurely and haven't reached ten pentacles in their own spiritual & natural lives.  When this mishap happens, you have to tear down and rebuild.

People look to other people to fill their cups when the other people are usually completely empty or empty in specific areas in their own being and lives.

We need to look to the water giver that is the life giver.  He waters and nurture every area of our being so that we can bear and produce fruit in life, good fruit/good karma.  

Why look to insufficient flawed mankind for your needs to be met when they can't meet their own, in many life cases? (Ahhh, rhetorical statement!)

Why go to the store when the product has a defect or flaws?  The store didn't create the product.  But instead, go straight to the manufacturer who has the guide to all the product parts and can provide an adequate solution.

You will always feel frustrated, angry, hungry, thirsty, mad, sad, depressed, oppressed, and trapped-when you keep looking to the store to fix a manufacturer's defect.  The same applies to all relationships, including relationship with self-the primary focus point.

This toxic behavior leads to constant destructive non-constructive behavior.  Encouraging the tearing down and not building up.  However, some tearing down is needed at some points in areas of lives when the structure wasn't built correctly and/or defects and insufficiencies has been discovered, found, and revealed in the foundation it was built upon.

When mankind are thirsty and hungry, they have a tendency to seek water and food from anywhere in an act of desperation and (false) fulfillment.

We as human beings need to stop for a minute, step back, breathe, meditate, and pray so we can obtain:  the full details to the bigger picture;  and be able to accept and process the truth correctly and healthy for what it is truly.

When we live on truth, we live our true reality.  Being awaken to what is truth depends on your life's journey and what the Most High-Creator, has blueprinted for your personalized life- customized just for you!

You can only take notes from my personal life journey.  As a result, you can't walk it out nor live it out because it's my own customized life journey created just for me;  to live out my purpose that I was sent here for.  Self evaluate as needed, tear down, and rebuild. And mostly, don't forget to quiet down, meditate, and pray.

VENT-Can You Relate? Meditate!!!

with Queen Versatile