Saturday, October 14, 2023

VENT: Song Lyrics, "Greedy As MF's"-Writing Songs, Another Form to Venting

 "Greedy As MF's"

Written By:  (Empress) Queen Versatile

Orig. Written On:  October 8, 2023, Sunday

Updated On:  January 29, 2024, Monday


4-8 Bars Instrumental


Greedy a$$ mother fu(k@r$ !

Usin' AI to cheat us!

(Repeat ×4)

(Verse 1)

After a transaction,

They went back & doubled charged me;  FYI-not the 1st time!

Tryin' to handle the issue,

But can't talk to a human!

The consequences to their greediness is impeding breathing!

Takin' advantage of the average citizens!...

Who's relyin' on the system for e-commerce!

Robbin' the poor to feed yo' greedy appetites!

Y'all never get satisfied from over indulgin'!


Greedy a$$ mother fu(k@r$ !

Usin' AI to cheat us!

(Repeat ×4)

(Verse 2)

The greed get greedier!

The poor gets poorer!

AI gets smarter!

While computers makes us dummer!

I'm not an exception but I don't let nothin' get pass me!

(Echo:  I peep game!)

You got to pay up double when I catch the slightest injustices!...

Placin' my back against a wall!

Usin' AI to yo' advantage to produce catch 22's!


Greedy a$$ mother fu(k@r$ !

Usin' AI to cheat us!

(Repeat ×4)

(Verse 3)

If you're not woke enough...

They will rob you to sleep!

Usin' AI & algorithms to preprogram our destinies,...

to steal from the people who want to be free!

It wasn't by accident that you paid for products you never received,...

They refuse to deliver without double payment!

Until you change yo' payment method to cover up the evidence,...

to force you to pay for what's already yours!

(Echo:  Are you fu(k!n' serious!)

The main goal is to keep you subservient,  in a vicious toxic cycle!

They eat to get richer at the expense of yo' finances!

The greedier they get,...

The further you're enslaved!

They all got a set time when the Divine Tower will come down!


Greedy a$$ mother fu(k@r$ !

Usin' AI to cheat us!

(Repeat ×4)

(Verse 4)

Autumn May Arrive in a Zero degree Ozone,...

but Never affectin' the innocent!

If you're wise,...

You'll have a future plan of action,...

When the Autumn Tower Falls!

I sit back & let people run in their own rat races!

When they get to where they're goin' & been there for awhile,...

I ask, "so who's laughing now"?

They a$$ will be comin' tumblin' down!

It doesn't profit bein' greedy!

It only profits to give consideration to the needy!

A prophecy to all y'all greedy a$$ mother fu(k@r$ that don't want nobody else to eat!

It's nothin' wrong wit' bein' rich!;  It's something wrong wit' bein' greedy!


Greedy a$$ mother fu(k@r$ !

Usin' AI to cheat us!

(Repeat ×4)

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Written By Author/Writer:  (Empress) Queen Versatile from

w/Love, Joy, & Peace(Shalom)!!!

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