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VENT: Article, "People's Sexuality"-Writing Articles, Another Form to Venting

 "People's Sexuality"

Written By:  (Empress) Queen Versatile

Orig. Written On:  February 22, 2024, Thursday 

Provokin' people to be gay, ain't no different than them convertin' people to Christianity!  (To control the masses & decrease reproduction, to control overall!).  Alot of my immigrant relatives didn't make it through the bloodshed of Christianity!  (Just like the making of a slave, the making of a Christian!)

A person's sexuality is nobody else's business-besides the one's they are in relations with!  The only problem is, is deception!  I respect individuals' truths!  (The question is do people accept, respect, & embrace their own truths?).  On the other hand, to impose or force yo' truth upon someone else then cry & holler at the fact of exposure when you're practicing deception is overrated!

Puttin' other people's health in jeopardy!  My cousin died due to aids after she was married!  Her biggest mistake was marrying a down low deceiver!  He was too cowardly to stand in his truth!  Created a little baby that didn't make it to three & never got the chance to walk!  They buried his down low deceptive a$$ first.  Next, the little baby.  And lastly, the mother,  my cousin-the whole entire family!

I don't play about my emotional health!

I don't play about my spiritual health!

I don't play about my physical health!

I don't play about my overall well-being!

Tree people,i.e. people with the natural nature to being homosexual, if you want both tea & coffee, you need to make it known without deception!

Those who go against their natural nature have it difficult to stand in their truth!  Just because gay is some people's natural nature,  don't mean everybody should be!  I respect you! Respect me, us, & we!  Don't try to convert me!  Bottom line,  I'mma stay straight!  (It's part of my soul's purpose!). Just puttin' it out there in case you try to convert me!  To each its own!  I love tea!  You love coffee!  I don't base people's character on their sexuality!  That's absurd! (Just like people shouldn't base people's character on the color of their skin tones!).  It's pure ignorance!  If you ask me,  it's not my business & very superficial who you choose as a sexual preference! I don't know why people find other people's sexuality amusing!  

If you lead with good character,  I don't give a fu(k about yo' sexuality! The only thing again I have a problem with,  is deceptive a$$ people who are cowards!  FYI-being private is not the same as being deceptive when choosing to withhold yo' personal truths from someone who deserves to know "up front"!  People need to learn to stay in their own lanes when it comes to other people's privacies!🫡10-4!

Some of the naturally gay kind,  makes the best humans!  Experience & opinion just from my dealings!  It's a fact in my reality! 

Overall let me simplify it!  You got orange trees, apple trees, then gay trees, then you got heterosexual trees!  No tree is better or worst than the other!  They all serve an earthly purpose!  

You like coffee!

I like tea!

Love, Joy, & Peace!!!

Yours Truly,

Empress Queen Versatile 

Vent-Can You Relate?

Meditate & Pray... Not Pr(e)y!!!

Written By Author/Writer:  Empress Queen Versatile from

w/Love, Joy, & Peace(Shalom)!!!


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