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VENT: Song Lyrics, "Focus Points"-Writing Songs, Another Form to Venting

 "Focus Points"

Written By:  (Empress) Queen Versatile 

Orig. Written On:  June 22, 2024, Saturday 


4-8 Bars Instrumental 


4-8 Bars Instrumental Music

(Verse 1)

Rats & roaches everywhere!;  Wonderin' if momma & daddy even care!

Their main focus is makin' money!

Their second focus is wearin' a facade!

I see the many faces that many don't see!

The harsh truth is the focal point of my reality!


4-8 Bars Instrumental Music

(Verse 2)

I can't hide in the closet, too many skeletons!

By the way, they don't belong to me!

I'm enterin' people's basements on a daily!;...

...To face their shadows that's been attackin' me!

I come face-to-face wit' other people's demons!

I have no fear!;  I'm a brave heart!

What other people run from, I embrace wit' a stern face!


4-8 Bars Instrumental Music

(Verse 3)

The shadows can't scare me into a box!

I'm built like Fort Knox wit' a whole team always on watch!

It never ends happily when they try to breach the compounds!

You clowns, trespassin' on other people's territory!;...

...That's a no no if you didn't know!


4-8 Bars Instrumental Music

(Verse 4)

You come for me, you mind as well order 6 feet!

Cause that energy is immediately returnin' back to the sender!;...

...While I watch for entertainment purposes only!

You can't contain me!;  I'm uncontrollable!

Too much watchin' Hollyweird & Disney!

You forgot?;  I got the keys to the kingdom! 

You can't believe cause you're self-deceived!


4-8 Bars Instrumental Music

(Verse 5)

"The devil made me do it!";  The devil ain't make you do sh!+ !

It was you!;  You fu(k!n' idiot!

(Background Echo:  Lame a$$ excuses!)

Learn to take accountability for yo' bein'!

Always tryin' to find an escapegoat & sacrifice!

It's only yo' imaginin' head on the choppin' block!

You delusional energy drainin' vampire!

I don't miss!;  I hit my targets every single time!;...

...Is that why you're so envious & jealous?

Well then yes, take it up wit' my Heavenly Father, Yah!


4-8 Bars Instrumental Music

(Verse 6)

I'll never cease to assist!;  It's quite the opposite for the Empress!

I give respect where it's due!;  I live strictly by the book!

Obedience is better than sacrifice!;...

 ...Tryin' to find a short cut to eternal life!

I'm transmutin' all the negativity!

My shadow can get quite ugly!

I use negative energy to build empires!

I'mma use it to build all my hopes, dreams, & desires!

Thank you in advance for the unsolicited partnerships!

I'mma use it to my benefit & profit!;  I promise!

This is the end of the focus points so let's drop it!


4-8 Bars Instrumental Music

Confirmation Link Added On June 29, 2024, Saturday:

Vent-Can You Relate?

Meditate & Pray...Not Pr(e)y!!!

Written By Author/Writer:  (Empress) Queen Versatile from

w/Love, Joy, & Peace(Shalom)!!!

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