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VENT: Article, "JAIL-I'd Rather..."

"Jail-I'd Rather..."

VENT-Can You Relate?
with Queen Versatile

Jail is one of the most unified places I know where everybody helps somebody and not just all about self.  I assume it's that way because everyone is generally in the same boat (incarcerated) and likewise the C.O.'s (Correctional Officers).  Yes, there are a lot of variations and differentiation in everyone's personal circumstances but otherwise everyone is in the same boat.  In the same boat trying to survive behind steel metal doors on a day-to-day basis around the clock.  Being concerned about meeting everyday basic needs and having sufficient necessities are common factors that everyone in jail can agree to relate to. Only the pregnant inmates get treated much worst and are in a category of solitude amongst co-inmates.

Based on the needs of a pregnant woman, her needs are too demanding in the eyes of the jail and correctional staff.  As a result, many of her needs go lacking day-to-day.  She struggles much more to attempt to keep her unborn child or children alive inside of her while she attempts to keep herself alive day-to-day until possibly being release or time to give birth.  It's a common fact that a woman who enters a jail system will not be successful in maintaining a pregnancy due to the poor conditions that she is subjected to.  She will more than likely, than not, miscarry and come out of jail childless.  That one known fact places an additional emotional & mental burden, consequently, a physical burden, and causing anguish upon the pregnant woman who is expecting with child or multiples like in my case.  I was confined to a county jail for 8 months (230 days to be exact) carrying twins and was released 9 days before giving birth by emergency C-section due to the poor conditions my twins & I were subjected to, the entire pregnancy for 8 months including; being overly dehydrated, starved, mentally and emotionally abused, and  neglected, including lack of medical treatments. 

 In addition, I was threaten to be stun gunned by the jail staff for requesting a copy of an unfounded unsubstantiated write up for requesting another jail uniform. The uniform they gave me to wear was too small,  was severely damaged, including missing main pocket where the State ID is placed and obvious hole in middle crouch front private area. The officers were fighting over not wanting to give me a proper decent uniform, wrote me up, and refused to give me a copy of the write up so I could see exactly what I was being written up per their testimony. When the 2nd officer who was a higher up in command male jail employee, came into my room and immediately wanted to stun gun me with no questions asked he was intervened immediately. This was all taking place while I was laying on my left side in bed with my back turned to the young female officer & higher up male, while I faced the wall the entire ordeal, besides the occasional times I turned my head to see who was coming in & out my room.  The only reason I didn't get stun gunned that night because the young female officer who went and got the other officer to assist her, who I requested a decent & right size uniform from and a copy of the write up screamed out, " NO, SHE'S PREGNANT" to the male higher up officer who already had his stun gun out ready & pointed at me! In addition, what saved my unborn babies and my life that night on top of me already having to deal with medical conditions that pertained to my heart,etc. at that time is silently praying while I had my back turned for a peaceful resolution & for my unborn babies & me to be protected from the hostility that were presented to us & placed in.

By the time you experience jail on a day-to-day basis-long term for months, not hourly-less than 24 hours, as a woman with or without fetus, you will wish that you were a literal animal, preferably a dog or cat because people also known as human beings, will treat those incarcerated worse and lesser than an animal or their own pet(s).  People advocate for the treatment, adoption, and protection for animals on a regular.  On the other hand, the majority of pet owners view their own pets as an extension of their family.  As a result, pet owners will give the treatment to their pets that other human beings in certain situations, circumstances, and environments can only dream to receive.  Some pet owners go to the extent to willing their earthly possessions to their pets while some human beings sit behind bars with no resources and starve and while some walk the streets and starve. It's just merely a difference of environment between the two real life scenarios.  With all the above and previous mentioned, I would rather be an animal locked up incarcerated in some one's jail than to be a woman human being and pregnant with multiples.  Now can you understand why some people come out of jail and prison acting like animals?  You might not be able to relate first hand but you can connect the dots to understand and relate vicariously.

Vent-Can You Relate?

Queen Versatile
with LOVE, JOY, and PEACE (SHALOM)!!!


Think about your own personal experiences, situations, and circumstances favorable or unfavorable and think can someone else relate.  Then vent, because it's someone out there who can relate.  Your venting may help free someone else who is stuck or merely their perception and view just need a little adjustment.  Just know whatever it is that you need to vent about, it will be okay!

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