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VENT: Article, "Delayed Gratification-I'd Rather..."

I'd Rather a Delayed Gratification for a Strong Future Wealthy Come up & Comeback!!!

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I'm back!

Yes, I know there are a lot of i's behind the H in Hi for those logical thinkers and technical readers.  However, all the i's are just to express how really excited I am to be back writing for us, you and I, on the blog.  You know how life can be-BUSY.  Therefore, every opportunity I have to really sit down and concentrate to write what I'm verbally and mentally venting is truly a blessing. 

Getting to the nitty gritty. So, I was checking my Gmail messages when I came across an email from Quora, the website where you can ask any question you so desire and someone somewhere in the world with the knowledge and/or experience will take the time out their schedule to answer the question you submit.  Hopefully, the individual(s) will answer as intelligent, knowledgeable, and accurate as possible.

Any who, anyhow, the Quora question below, from a submitter that I'm not sure name, submitted the following question, "Are there signs that a person will become wealthy in the future?".  I perceived the question to be quite intelligent and inquisitive.  I also, perceived the answer as being very interesting and informative, to where it motivated me to blog about it.  Without further ado, please take the time to read the response to the question below in the original question and answer session.  Then we will proceed to further vent.

Below Original Quora Question and Answer:


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Saulius Muliolis
Saulius Muliolis, studied at Bachelor of Science in Biology

A Stanford University experiment demonstrated that one of the most important determinants of a person's future wealth was the capacity for delayed gratification. They put children alone in a room and gave them each a marshmallow and told the children that if they didn't eat the marshmallow they would be given a second marshmallow, and they would then have two. Many years later the children that were able to resist temptation and did not eat the marshmallow were significantly more economically successful than the ones that ate their marshmallow. In fact, the ones that were able to delay gratification tested better in a number of ways, got higher SAT scores, were healthier, and more successful in everything they did.

End of Above Quora Question and Answer

...Now, let's proceed to vent.

Delayed gratification can apply to every aspect and area of life.  For instance, if some of us delayed gratification we would have more two parenting selfless homes instead of one parent homes.  Delayed gratification is especially important when it comes to the area of health.  For instance, some of us know the health conditions and issues we have and battle with but yet we want to keep doing what we're doing to keep getting the same health results and consequences.  We can't delay gratification to make better and positive life and dietary changes.  In contrast, we would rather run to the emergency room, doctor's office, surgeon's office, and pharmacy when something goes wrong with our health that we can no longer ignore and as a result demands our immediate attention.  An example scenario would be, I know I'm trying to lose weight, get my bad cholesterol lowered, and get rid of diabetes, but every time I crave and see boiled peanuts or chocolate cake, I can't resist.  If you're going to indulge, be smart about it.  Read the nutrition labels to see how much sodium, cholesterol, saturated fat, total fat, and sugar/added sugar per serving size.  Also, you need to read at the very top of the nutrition label to determine the serving size for the product you're desiring to consume.  Don't stop there.  Read further down the nutrition label to see what kinds of ingredient content you're about to put into your body. The greatest material earthly possession we have are our bodies.  Because as the saying goes, "You are what you eat".  And I add, "You are what you consume, whether it be food or beverage or non-food items".

So, don't think for a second that you're not going to have cholesterol issues, diabetic issues, weight issues, etc. when you're consuming food and beverage items that's filled with cholesterol, high bad fats, high amounts of sugars included added sugars, high sodium amounts, artificial chemicals,etc.  And if you do decide to indulge, moderation and self-control is the key.  Don't think that the cholesterol filled foods you're consuming is just going to escape you and pass down the street to your neighbors and jump into his/her body and you only enjoy the pleasant gratifications your taste buds experience.  Don't think by far that you can eat a high fatty diet that's filled with bad fats that doesn't consist of anything else that's pro-health to balance out and offset the effects of the bad fats that you're consuming and not pay the penalty.

Yep!  We'll donate that health issue you don't want caused by high bad fats to the neighbor up the street and you will just enjoy the gratification of the food product you're consuming.  News Alert!  That's not reality but rather in some people's head and mind subconsciously.  We cannot donate the health issues that we don't want that will come along as a byproduct for consuming unhealthy foods and beverages because we constantly don't delay gratifications but yet give in to food and beverage temptations.

Delayed gratification is a small price to pay even in the area example given for food, in order to obtain a richer healthier life in the long run/long-term, short-term, and near future.  The same applies to money/finances, leisure, extracurricular activities, saving and spending-knowing when to buy and when to save.  Bottom line knowing when to indulge in a desire and not indulge at all or wait (delayed gratification) are success keys.  And eventually, if you choose to wait, you will discover that either A-C will occur:  A-it was good for your soul and in your complete best interest;  B-saved you from some unseen troubles and losses;  and C-consequently, causing your advancement in life that creates wealth and a richer life in your finances, relationships, self, health, and all areas in life.

Some examples below are how I say "NO" and delay gratifications:

"No, thanks! I love chocolate, but I'd rather not because for one, I'm slightly allergic and two, I'm really trying to lose some weight and achieve a healthier version of myself to include my ideal body weight and shape."

"No, thanks! I'd rather not buy that outfit today.  I have plenty clothes at the moment so therefore, there's no immediate need. I'll pass."

"No, thanks! I'll pass on the alcoholic beverage.  I have bad acid reflux that I'm working on controlling and ultimately getting rid of.  However, I do make myself a healthier version occasionally."

The area(s) that you know you're weak in, go ahead and already have made up in your mind how you're going to delay and manage the temptation of instant and immediate gratification and resist temptation.  Have a plan in tact.  As the saying goes, " We fail to plan.  We don't plan to fail".  And if plan "A" doesn't work when implemented, don't beat yourself up about it.  Just simply come up with plan(s) B, C, D, E, etc., until you come out on top the winner and win.  Every time you can delay a gratification, you win, add another win to your achievements and accolades, and you will ultimately reap the benefits of the win(s) in your short-term and/or long-term future, multiplied by the amount of gratifications you managed to delay that you did not give into.

Remember, if you know better, choose better, and consequently you will live better.

VENT-Can You Relate?

Queen Versatile
with LOVE, JOY, and PEACE (Shalom)!!!

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