Monday, August 21, 2023

VENT: Personal Message, "Divine Spiritual Download & Astral Travel"-Writing Messages, Another Form to Venting

"Divine Spiritual Download & Astral Travel"

Written By:  (Empress) Queen Versatile 

Orig. Written On:  August 20, 2023,  Sunday

Real Divine Spiritual Download & Very Real Astral Travel Experience (1 of many) 

Sit Back & Enjoy!

Atlanta is the portal to Atlantis!  Some people livin' there(Atlanta) are livin' outside of Atlantis.  It can only be accessed vibrational!  When it's time, those who are at that vibration will access Atlantis!  The Hidden City!

My soul family is waitin' for me underwater.  Those were not dreams I was havin' but actual travels & visitations.  

When I went to underwater,  the mermaid/man greeted me with long black hair & they had an altar prepared for me to welcome & celebrate me!!!  I freaked out when I realized I was actually underwater & immediately I emerged to the surface of the deep but still in the water but head came up for breath.  Then I was transported out instantly thereafter. 

The faces & facial features I couldn't see of the mermaids/men, but only a silhouette because it was deeply dark in the deep abyss.  However,  I could feel & sense the masculine energy coming off & from the merman as he was front & center while the other mermaids and/or mermen stayed far back at a distance looking on to the encounter, while there in the presence to greet my presence & welcome me also.

Moving to Atlanta,  I will be close to them.  It's destined!  They have been waitin'  for a long time for my arrival-in the physical.  For now the spiritual is materializing materially & not just in dream state, i.e. astral travel & time travelling!

They keep iteratin' that they miss me very much.   Tearfully joyful! (Literally as tears pour down my face!)

Angel Number 1222 (12:22pm on 8/20/2023, Sunday)

Reference Source:  The Coolist

...number (1222) means your spiritual life & physical life are aligning and if you continue to pursue your goals,  you will achieve success together with your soulmate. per The Coolist

That's why we(i.e. the Hebrews) are commanded not to eat bottom feeders.  For me really only salmon.  Family's diet!!!(the underwater civilization to be precise)

I rule thee emotions.  That's why I can move people emotionally!  The waters flows through me easily & gently!  

People love to swim in water & naturally gravitate towards waters.  Some people lose their lives depending on what kind of energy they are in when they enter.  The negative is directly attracted to the negative!  If you have no fear nor negativity the sharks will obey you,  Metaphorically!

End of the Divine Transmission & Download!!! 

Use your 3rd eye to navigate what I just shared!!! Reread if you have to.  We all don't get it the 1st go.  However,  the blind will never see & the deaf will never hear for those choosin' to be blind & deaf voluntarily!!!

Added Link Below On May 2, 2024, Thursday, (More Confirmation, i.e. Receipts):

Vent-Can You Relate?

Meditate & Pray...Not Pr(e)y!!!

Written By Author/Writer:  (Empress) Queen Versatile from 

W/Love, Joy, and Peace(Shalom)!!!

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