Friday, March 8, 2024

VENT: Freestyle Poetry Vent, "Abandoned Kids Wonderin'"-Writing Freestyle Poetry Vents, Another Form to Venting

 "Abandoned Kids Wonderin'"

Written By:  (Empress) Queen Versatile

Orig. Written On:  January 31, 2024, Wednesday

I wake up every mornin' wit' kids by myself! 

Kids wonderin' secretly why there's no one else by my side! 

They know my worth!  

They see my worth! 

 They experience my worth!  

Only to wonder why I'm by myself!

I have to avoid lookin' in their eyes!  

Their little innocent eyes secretly wonder why!  

Why is mommy alone by herself?  

The struggle is real!

 They see nobody else but mommy!

Sperm donors couldn't survive until birth!  

They abandoned their donations at the time of conception!  

Now the mature fruit of the womb is wonderin' why we're alone, to face the constant battles that we experience on a daily!  

FYI-all the main battles & attacks, the sperm donors initiated!  

That's why we can't be a family unit! 

 I'm puttin' y'all too much in my business! 😉🙂😊

No one to turn to! 

It's humanely impossible to do!  

Our only true support, comes from the Most High, up above!  

We pray everyday for a little break!  

But all we get are more attacks & swords in our backs!

My kids are secretly wonderin' why nobody is by mommy's side!  

But all I can answer is just endure for another day!  

Promisin' the storms will eventually pass away!  

But all we get is shower after shower (with no umbrellas)!  

So my ultimate action is secretly avoidin' lookin' in their eyes!  


 Cause I can't control the storm of tears that pours from my eyes!  

That constantly pours year after year!

By now you would think all the water has dried up!  

But there's still residue of the mistreatments & abandonments!  

I shelter my kids from the storms as a good mother!  

I let the harsh winds beat down on my back!  

Drummin' away while prayin' & sayin' "It's gonna all be okay-some day!".

Each & everyday comes but the water's still pourin'!  

Now my kids are actin' out in school!  

They're showin' signs of stress from all the h@ll we've been through!  

Yes, there are no excuses!  

Excuses are never accepted no matter the hard evidence!

It's even harder to be accepted when you're livin' my complexion!  

We get no freebies!  

But only handed out bids!  

It doesn't matter guilty or innocent-as long as you fit the narrative!  

Tryin' to keep my kids on the straight & narrow! 

 But it's almost impossible when they're livin' in imbalance!  

Remember it started at the 1st day of conception when their sperm donors turnt cowards! 

FYI-this is what you can expect in the south, fully saturated wit' cowards!

Just another vent stress relief from the Empress!  

This Empress Queen Versatile, now I'm out!  

Shout out to all the abandoned babies & mothers that's left alone to survive & ultimately thrive in this struggle!  

Keep yo' heads up!  

The Sun will eventually rise up! 

FYI-sperm donors, you want to come back into the lives of the abandoned? 

 H@LL, NO! 

 Too much damage has been done!  

The abandoned mothers & children need a dowry!

Vent-Can You Relate?

Meditate & Pray...Not Pr(e)y!!!

Written By Author/Writer:  (Empress) Queen Versatile from

w/Love, Joy, & Peace(Shalom)!!!

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