Thursday, March 21, 2024

VENT: Letter, "A Letter To Chiron"-Writing Letters, Another Form to Venting

"A Letter To Chiron"

Written By:  (Empress) Queen Versatile 

Orig. Written On:  March 21, 2024, Thursday 

"A Letter To Chiron"

He married a b!+(h name Chiron!

The wounded healer!

They both dibble & dabble in black magic!

Tryin' to control people's destinies & gain riches!

Siphonin' energy to replicate me!

A very bad imitation for the Empress!

You too wounded to recognize truths!

The same dynamic as Willie & Bertha!;  TOXIC!

B!+(h, I would have never given you a hand-in-marriage!

The Demon Chiron do spellwork through sex magic!

Whisper in his ear to block his 6 senses!

Havin' baby after baby to keep 'em in the dungeon!

Nobody knows what baby belongs to who!

It doesn't matter!

It's all collateral!

She gonna keep gettin' what she gets while the other is dyin'!;...

...That's wit' interest!;  She's not an idiot!

Leave you naked & yo' bank accounts stripped!

Chiron, now it's time for judgement!

Her & her spell bound puppet lovers will have everything stripped!;...

...Just like they did to the innocent!

Chiron, you know Karma comes back around to serve you!

You couldn't hide from Karma in past life!

Chiron, you a walkin' curse!;...

Anybody wit' any sense that come across you...

...-would avoid at all cost!

Anybody that lay wit' you, will be hearst!

Under a spiritual curse!

You don't really heal yo' victims!;  You kill!; Plain & simple!

Yo' victims don't realize until they out-of-body!

That they are really dead!

Then you haunt they a$$ in the next life!

But in this life, my Abba's Will-will be done!

Half of these human beings are really demonic entities!

That's why they love toxicity!

Always leavin' sh!+ under his pillow,...

Unless she switched the game up!

Unhealed karmic demonic entity!...

Past life enemy!

Fu(kin' around wit' a karmic demonic entity!...

You will never be healed by the Chiron Demonic Entity!

Since you want to fu(k around wit' a demonic entity & spell work,...

Now you're homeless!

On top of that, now you've become a mortal!

You was willin' to lose yo' wings to a demonic entity!...

Now both of y'all are a$$ out!

Y'all final fate will be served in this life!

You had an opportunity to get right!

Never again will you have a human body!

Your final fate is locked up in purgatory!

B!+(h niggas, that's for sellin' out for riches!

B!+(h niggas, that's for makin' enemies wit' the Empress!

How you decide to do black magic on an Empress?

All that energy back to the owner by a thousand!

Finally, this saga is endin'!

I came to take prisoners!;  No hostages!

It's called Divine Karmic Justice!

Chiron, you're a poor imitation of me!

A Letter To Chiron!

Lol, the crazy nigga married a devil!

That let you know some people don't learn their karmic lessons!

You do the same sh!+ every lifetime!

You let a karmic demonic entity trick you out yo' spot for the seventy-thousand time!

Now a new man, an Earth Angel, is the new Emperor!

B!+(h Chiron, stop tryin' to mock me!

You will never be the Empress!...

It doesn't matter how many niggas' babies you carry!

You're a poor imitation of the Empress!!!

Yours Truly,

The Empress, Yah's Daughter!

Vent-Can You Relate?

Meditate & Pray...Not Pr(e)y!!!

Written By Author/Writer:  (Empress) Queen Versatile from 

w/Love, Joy, & Peace(Shalom)!!! 

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