Thursday, July 11, 2024

VENT: Freestyle Poetry Vent, "The Biggest Energy Drainin' Vampire in History"-Writing Freestyle Poetry Vents, Another Form to Venting

 "The Biggest Energy Drainin' Vampire in History"

Written By:  (Empress) Queen Versatile 

Orig. Written On:  July 11, 2024, Thursday 

I was born already married!

Then he started attackin' me!;  Leechin' off my energy!

He inspired Machiavelli's (Pronounce:  Mak-a-veli) ideologies!

From past life he brought that energy to this life!

His pompous a$$ is still arrogant a$$ fuck!

B!+ch, couldn't control me so he married a past life karmic!

You ain't great!;  Ain't sh!+ about you great!;  But yo' big a$$ fake persona!

You're just a control freak, controlled by demonic entities!

Yo' sex addiction got you feinin' for men!

Tryin' to destiny swap wit' Jesus a.k.a. Yahusha Ha'Mashiach, Yeshua, Yehoshua!  (Background Echo:  What's the spirit behind the entity?)

Since we on the topic, let's talk about it!

You're just an energy drainin' vampire!

You was sittin' on top in past life!;  Now in this life you was born into poverty!

You'll do anything for money!

The greed & power are really what you're after!

So you're still currently harnessin' Yahusha, Yeshua, Yehoshua's energy!

And everybody you come into contact-you drain dry like a vat!

But I took my power back!;  Yo' main source!

Now you're left desperate for energy!

That's how you kill 'em slowly without layin' a hand on his body!

I wouldn't spit on the energy drainin' vampire if he was on fire!

I wouldn't touch him anyways!;  I'm too holy!

Fu(k!n' energy drainin' vampire!;  Past-to-present life tyrant!

You were once the love of my life!

Now you're just an energy drainin' vampire!

Destiny swappin' wit' Ha'Mashiach!

So you can prance around like Jesus!

Livin' yo' life under false pretenses!

Takin' on another man's essence!

That's why you're so obsess!

Behind religion you practice destiny swappin'!

Usin' occult knowledge to pretend like you're somebody!

You're just another imposter energy drainin' vampire!

But you can't substitute the real Ha'Mashiach!

Time for all truths to be reveal!

Got people worshippin' a false deity!

The Biggest Energy Drainin' Vampire in History!

🔥 MAJOR🔥 Confirmation Link Added On July 11, 2024, Thursday...This is the weakest link to why I had so many upheavals, constant chaos, & persistent attacks & injustices playing out in my life in my adulthood!...The only reasons it worked temporarily because there was an eternal energetic chord that connected us that had to be severed by my Heavenly Abba only & 2nd- Romans 8:28!..My Heavenly Abba Yah, promised me that it all: good & bad, evil & hate, injustices & constant pursuits on my life & well-being, includin' all that's attached to me, my children included, was going to be used for my overall good because I love the Most High, my Heavenly Abba!...This same parasite enemy used to be an eternal love, not by my choice nor decision...(FYI-it was created at the beginning like that!)!...It was my Heavenly Abba's will!...My Heavenly Abba never intended nor expected you to use yo' freewill for evil & darkness!... Especially, to turn on me to betray me, steal & siphon my energy!...All because I followed my Heavenly Abba's instructions & guidance to walk away from you in my childhood to continue on my life's journey!...He has been following me from past lives to current reincarnations torturing me!...Not any longer will you attempt to make me yo' victim!...This life, the SAGA & NEVER ENDING story actually ends in this lifetime!...You are a disgust & disgrace to my Heavenly Abba Yah!...You have committed so many spiritual crimes it's too numerous to count & list!...You have stolen from ascended masters, divine love, holy angels, and other divine beings!...You will never again see the light of my Heavenly Abba Yah!...Your misery continues with you while other's misery ends with you!... Finally, my Heavenly Abba Yah, has plucked this eternal nuisance out my side & out my life for the good & for all eternity!...It's over for you Sagittarius Sun Sign!... You're a psychopath & lunatic!...If you try to come anywhere close in my direction, my whole entire spirit team is going to speed up yo' ending from this 3D reality!(Roger Wilco?)!...In this life it was my pleasure & duty to serve the Multiverse's most wanted spiritual criminal karma!🫡😇...Now you're listed as a Fallen Angel for all eternity:

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Vent-Can You Relate?

Meditate & Pray...Not Pr(e)y!!!

Written By Author/Writer:  (Empress) Queen Versatile from

w/Love, Joy, & Peace(Shalom)!!!

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