Monday, July 8, 2024

VENT: Freestyle Poetry Vent, "Why Yo' Black Magic Don't Work On An Empress"-Writing Freestyle Poetry Vents, Another Form to Venting

"Why Yo' Black Magic Don't Work On An Empress"

Written By:  (Empress) Queen Versatile 

Orig. Written On:  July 7, 2024, Sunday

You doin' too much!

Wit' all that black magic!

Too much where angels are showin' up in my reality!

You kno' you fu(ked right?

My spiritual team had to show up in natural bodies!

Playin' wit' black magic!

Playin' wit' spirit beings!

Now you got their attention!

You get more than what you solicit!

B!+(hes, my spirit team gonna show you how black magic really work!

But first they got to extract you from yo' body to take you to the other side!

I'm quite oblige,... my spirit team rides for me!

Especially, when mere humans call themselves comin' for me!

Do you not kno' who my family?

Now all the shackles my enemies used to try to imprison me... spirit team gonna use to lock they a$$ up for eternity!

How does it feel to be a new resident in purgatory?

I wouldn't stop any demons from fu(kin' yo' daughter like you fu(ked me!

Yes, right now I'm quite derogatory!

B!+(h humans, you can never control me!

I can't wait 'til I see the demons fu(k you like you snaked me!

Pretendin' like you cool wit' me just to do me in!

No Hooks!;  Just straight truths!

Remember my words, "Fu(k You!" when them demons do you how you did me!

You kno' who you are!

I don't have to name names!

I'm pretty sure that my spirit team done visited everyone!

This time lapse, they were preparin' y'all demises!

Have fun demons fu(kin' cowards!

Doin' black magic in the darkness against the Multiverse's Empress!

Wherever you go in this Earth & in the Multiverse,... gonna run into my allies, i.e. my Divine Family!

Includin' the ones that resides in the darkness!(They love me the most!)

Tryin' to use deities to come for me that's actually my fu(kin' family!

You fu(kin' idiots!

And you wonder why y'all black magic don't work on a true Divine Being, the Empress!

You actually called on my Divine Family to protect me...

...when you called yo'self summonin' & conjurin'!

They allowed y'all idiots to dig yo' own graves!

They too high honor to do the dirty work!

Now they gonna take it upon themselves & bury y'all a$$e$(Divine Karmic Justice!)...

...For doin' black magic on the Empress!

They allowed y'all to think it was workin'!

For you to get yo' hands dirty!

FYI- diggin' yo' own fu(kin' graves is entertainment for my Divine Family!

My Divine Family is too honourable to stoop to y'all's levels!

Usin' my Divine Family to attack me!;   Y'all don't kno' sh!+ about loyalty!

My Divine Family would never turn on me like mere human beings!

Y'all was sworn in!;  I was born in!

Make yo' black magic make sense!

B!+(hes, I kno' each & every person in my energy & those that's denied access!😉

That's why y'all black magic didn't work!

I kno' y'all was wonderin' why it don't work on an Empress!🤔

It works!  It just don't work on me but on the originator!😂

This Empress Queen Versatile & now I'm out!

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Vent-Can You Relate?

Meditate & Pray...Not Pr(e)y!!!

Written By Author/Writer:  (Empress) Queen Versatile from

w/Love, Joy, & Peace(Shalom)!!!

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