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VENT: Article, Getting Back to the Black Family-"Standard"


VENT-Can You Relate?

with Queen Versatile


 Bringing Black(Hebrew) Families Awareness
(The Church is not family in its own right.)
However, family is family and we must get back to our roots and real structure of what family means and to build stable & solid family structures properly.

Now let's properly vent...

😏Men want the thrill and when they get old they want the real.

Women & men who don't take the task seriously to raising their children will always cause problems, issues, and high cost for someone else later in life;  especially for women operating in relationships with defected, non-raised, non-properly raised, and mama's boys-not to exclude daddy's neglects & rejects.

Times are different now and black men are not forced to go into tents physically to lay with as many women as they can breed babies, laying with a woman and as soon as he's done then go to the next and lay with the next woman all while producing(neglected&rejected) babies/children/live human beings in the process.

To keep repeating this cycle of history that's non-productive to the black(Hebrew) family while no one is standing over or behind you with a leather whip all for the results to produce and reproduce forced labor for economic growth for other cultures is absurd in these days and times than ever before with the many opportunities to come into real truth to become spiritual, mental, and financial free.  There is no physical bondage but only spiritual and mental.(Free the spirit, then you free the mind and body, consequently.)  And with these two types of bondage are weak links in the family chain structure.They create a conducive environment for physical and financial bondage. And black men wonder why they can't get ahead (without cheating their way to so called prosperity).  It's not the white man that's keeping them down, but the entire disobedience of the entire race of Hebrew people, so called black people and African Americans, towards their creator-Yahuah.Look how most men treat the queens and life giving mothers of this culture of people and heritage.  A mother is demean and attack for her role as a mother to the extent of her title being dumb down to being a mere baby mama.  Women in general are looked upon and treated as a piece of meat or some type of trophy to show case and flaunt around just for show and for the ego of an egotistical and uninformed man.  Mind you, you do have volunteer women who don't know their true self-worth and have sold their self-worth for mere pennies on a dollar. And usually they don't have a clue as to how to think, behave and operate like a honorable lady or queen due to 9 out of 10 not having a queen in their daily lives to model and display before them what a lady or queen should be. And most insufficient and sufficient men will prey on and take advantage of these weak link factors and bring the woman, child, and race even further down in status and condition than they were initially.

All these issues in the black community results and equates to poverty, hardships-financially, physical burdens,  spiritually, relational, mental, emotional, and generational.  There is an unnatural imbalance of family structure mainly on the man's behalf due to his lack of understanding the real role and position of first being a "real" man. Then next, establishing what it means to be a "real" daddy and role model.  Lastly, establishing what it means to actually be a "real" husband.

Some of these black guys long for these positions, titles, and roles but have not the first clue how to obtain nor operate in these above listed positions, titles, and roles.  Instead, they end up resulting to mistreating women, their own flesh and blood children and trampling over and dogging out real queens and wives who are generously supportive, loving, caring, compassionate, hard working, intelligent, wise, knowledgeable, and have their fronts, sides, and backs.  It's hard for them to appreciate women of these traits and magnitude because it naturally raises the standard bar for their own character;  some men can meet up and most can't due to being insufficiently equipped, not prepared, and/ or just making a conscious decision to be out right egotistical and not caring about the value of others' self-worth and generous contributions to their lives.  

Instead of treating the real women with the real worth that they deserve, they treat all women alike, like thots, hoes, a piece of meat, property, and some object they can use and abuse at their pleasures and convenience. Then they produce kids/children in the process who also later grow up and learn these ways of these despicable men and as a result of not understanding real family structure, they instead, duplicate the ways, behaviors, and thought processes of the defected individuals (including defected life giving mothers who don't have an idea nor clue what a real woman is and should behave and operate).  Now we have generational mayhem on our hands that now is duplicated and passed down generational that others on the outside and inside of the mayhem has to now encounter and deal with as an unfortunate consequence.

Today, black men in particularly are still enslaved and in bondage.  They are being used mentally and physically to enact forced slavery on the women and children of this race of people.  Every time a black male produce a seed, impregnate a black woman to leave her alone to support a pregnancy, to raise, and provide for a child/children by herself or with the assistance of other minor children she has already had prior that was also neglected and rejected by the black male-that black male is enacting forced slavery and producing a legacy and heritage of poverty upon an entire race of people whether it be financial, spiritual, physical, emotional, relational, or mental.  Let the truth be told, if one area of well-being is off centered and affected, as a result, it will cause all other areas of well-being to be off centered and imbalanced.  

Due to the economic and social positions(including stigmas) that a black woman lack positively and possess negatively, it makes it 10 times harder for her to lift herself along with babies out of the poverty hole of financial, social, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual oppression and bondage, that as a result the black male has brought upon her and her child/children through his lack of knowledge, willful ignorance, and selfishness.  The bondage that grips her through the birthing of a dependent human being and unfavorable conditions that unfaithful, non-committed, and selfish men leave her in is the so called baby mama external turmoil that black males experience as a result of the depths of their selfishness and non-committal attitude.

I know Tamela Mann said break every chain and I scream that every chain has yet to be broken off our race of people, and gender perception of women, especially black women still being mistreated, abused, and neglected like old used up property,etc. by these black males and other cultures and groups of people in general.

It's second nature in these days and times for black males to leave it to the government to play daddy and husband to the mothers and children of their inherited race.

When a man of any race for the fact of the matter; especially the black Hebrew race, leaves the black woman with child-pregnant and/or already given birth and delivered, that places more bondage on the entire race of people. (That's why non-Hebrew foreign women were off limits to the Hebrew males due to them being used to draw away the black Hebrew male away from His creator and his life purpose including spiritual obligations towards the black woman and black child.)  Instead of strengthening our heritage and culture, it makes its people weaker for generations to come and be.

However, men are usually only thinking about the short term, temporary, and spontaneous acts of pleasures that they can extract from multiple women simultaneously.  They don't consider all the pain they cause, produce, reproduce, create, cause in the process.  Instead of being a strong culture, great heritage, and financial wealthy power nation that we once were and spiritually still is, the only focus on most black men minds are on short term, momentary, and temporary pleasures that doesn't have any real sustainable substance that you can build a life, future, home (not a house), and generational wealth and great legacy, a.k.a. family and true family structure.

It has been implicated in the minds of black men that the more versatile their portfolio of women they conquer, control, and have sexual relations with and sometimes financially (yes, men prostitute too and use women for money and financial gain), the greater respect they will receive for being more manly and macho (a great deception imposed). In most cases it's true for the part receiving acknowledgment for their portfolio achievements with pats on the back and kudos given and praised from the same gender and the same type of men who encourages the disrespect towards life giving real women, mothers, and wives.  (I'm not talking about women who consciously flaunt themselves as less than to measure down to the dishonorable modern accepted status of being a hoe/thot/tramp and wears the titles proudly.  I'm not referring to these types of women.)  I am merely speaking about women who invest themselves to pour into another human being's cup to support, to encourage, and be there for the overall well-being of that counterpart and equal (the black Hebrew male, also known as the modern day Americanized European black male).

Life is too short men to be playing with real women or any human being life and taking us for granted.  And life is too short women for us to lower our standards and to settle for less than what we know we deserve, desire, and hope for.

They say a man can only do what you allow but I beg the differ and add "A man will do what you allow and more".

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VENT-Can You Relate? Meditate!!!

Written/Author :  Queen Versatile
with LOVE, JOY, and PEACE (Shalom)!!!

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