Wednesday, December 25, 2019

VENT: Letter, Not to Santa-"Merry Yahusha, the Messiah..."

"Merry Yahusha, the Messiah (Hebrew-Ha'Mashiach, 'The Anointed One')"

VENT-Can You Relate?
with Queen Versatile

A letter not to Santa,but to my Creator and His son my dear Savior...

Dear Yahuah(Heavenly Father) & Yahusha(Son/Earthly Savior),

You groomed me but then there's no groom.
You saved me but then there's no one to fit me with who's also saved.
You filled me with righteousness but then there's no righteous partner suitable I can walk throughout life with.
You love me and I love you back but there's no one who can express the same kind of love in return to me that you have expressed and showered me with generously.  
You formed me but there's no one in your image to live life with.
I'm content to know it's just you and I Heavenly Father Yahuah on this journey together.  And I will always be safe with you.  You will always provide for me and my children.  You will always protect us better than any human husband can or will.
I was searching for something or someone but I really didn't realize that I already obtained what I need and want, that's you and your perfect love expressed to me on a day-to-day life basis.
You deserve to have me all to yourself.
You give to me without any inhibitions besides, when it's not good for me, in my best interest, and/or it tries to come between you and I love relationship.  You remove all threats far, far away. 
I am content with your love, provisions, and protection.  And I know there's no one on earth that will possibly love me the way you do with a perfect agape type love.
I am truly thankful!
Thank you for providing four human vessels that you used to birth our five children.
You know I desired a family that's upright, just as well as you always have desired.  I'm grateful for you providing our unorthodox family with plenty of varied personalities.
With you less is more and the more I have you, the less I need a Hu-Man.
When you break my heart, you have the ability and will to fix it.  But when a Hu-Man breaks my heart, they just take off and run as far away as they can from the crime site.
While people take today (Christmas) and worship paganistic ideas and practice traditional rituals, I take this day, like any day, and reflect on my relationship with you.
Halleluyah to Yahuah, my Heavenly Father & to His Son, Yahusha Ha'Mashiach "The Anointed One"

Love your daughter & sister,

Queen Versatile

VENT-Can You Relate?

with Queen Versatile

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