Monday, December 9, 2019

VENT: Article, "If We Had More Men Like..."

"If We Had More Men Like..."

VENT-Can You Relate?
with Queen Versatile

If we had more men like the man below, this world would be a much better place!  He's now 

living the life he always dreamed of living in Paradise.

He was too great for this world as we currently know it.  Therefore, the Most High Creator, 

called him out and presented to him an opportunity for promotion and he accepted at the 

expense of my grief.  But I'm truly grateful that he accepted his higher calling to advance higher

so I can always have an extra energy, on the same team, playing alongside me in this game 

called life.

D.O.D. 10/08/2004

In Loving Memory for the One Who Inspired Me the Most in Life,Shelton Orlando Williams,A.K.A. DOC WOO;  Queen Versatile's Belove (Never Past Tense) One & Only Blood Brother; Until We Meet Again, Rest in Peace Doc Woo;  You Taught Me The Keys To Living a Successful Life;  Not Until After Your Death Did I Really Get The Meanings and Teachings of Your Wisdom and Wise Sayings;  Thank You-for Blessing My Soul Even Now!!!;  Your Death Transformation/Promotion Will Never Be Wasted nor In Vain;  I Promise to be the Best Sister Ever, the Best Mother, the Best Friend, the Best Citizen, the Best Neighbor, the Best Wife(Future Tense), and the Best Person Ever that Our Heavenly Creator Made and Created Besides You;  You Have My Word.

There will be more to come about Doc Woo.  Exactly how he affected me and the world around us directly and indirectly through other people like myself, in my book that I've written, to soon be published and released in the near future.  It will bless every one's soul, young and old.  (I found out I was 5 weeks pregnant with my first child,Heaven Myshelti Williams, 5 weeks after we buried Doc Woo.  He said to me before in his wise saying during the death of a relative, that when one leaves, another one enters.  That I have learnt and experienced to be true in every passing away of a human being that I have known.)

VENT-Can You Relate?

 Queen Versatile


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