Monday, December 16, 2019

VENT: Article, "We Buy What We Want and..."

"We Buy What We Want
Complain About What We Need"

VENT-Can You Relate?
with Queen Versatile

Some people who have money to pay their bills, take care of necessary obligations, and necessities in life, complain the most when it comes to the times around seasonal holidays.  I'm preferably speaking about the Christmas Holiday specifically.  Why complain about paying your bills at any time during the year? When in fact, you are blessed to have the finances to meet those necessary obligations and necessities in life.  Why murmur, complain, and be selfish towards yourself due to neglect of necessary obligations and needs.  I never thought someone could unnecessarily be selfish towards themselves but in this case it's possible.
I'm not understanding rhetorically why some people take for granted;  being able to pay their bills, and take care of necessary obligations.  Then they complain redundantly about not wanting to dish out necessary monies for the necessities in life so they can subconsciously have the freedom to do as they please with the money to buy what they want and not what they need.

In their subconscious minds they can do something else better with their monies such as:  buy things they don't need;  splurge on gifts for self & others that will be devalued over time by the individual and by the gift receiver-be it , self or others;  and merely just to enjoy spending or saving without any necessary obligations attached.

Humans are so complicated.  We would rather buy what we want & disregard and/or beg for what we need, including sacrificing and putting off what we need-to purchase what we want.  At the end of the day, month, year, and life you still need money to buy and pay for what you need.

When we don't have the finances to pay for what we need:  start losing everything meaningful and non-meaningful in life;  credit is screwed for being irresponsible financially, as a result, we become devastated and desperate;  and end up paying out more for what we need due to high interest rates, and for the convenience of meeting and fulfilling immediate needs.  We then realize that those wants wasn't as important and what we needed, need currently, and will need futuristic becomes front and center first priority than those wants we sacrifice for in life.

For example, when we're about to be evicted and foreclose on for not meeting rent, mortgage, taxes,etc., we then appreciate the ability of being able to pay for what we need.  Mind you, everyone isn't and won't ever experience these circumstances and/or example scenarios given.  However, if you sit back and think, you can think of someone who you know personally or through someone else, that has been irresponsible with money choices, wants vs. needs throughout life.  You can see and visualize the direct and indirect consequences and impact their poor choices and actions has on each individual lives.  Everyone, including you & I and someone we know can relate.  We just don't want to address and talk about the uncomfortable hard topics such as negative financial management choices in life.  Now, mind you some people just don't have any substance to make any decisions about.  Really, it balls down to a mental state of knowledge.  Knowing that when opportunities arises to obtain the financial substance, we then will be able to implement our mental knowledge-knowing what to do through what we know.  When we receive those substance, we can manage and make much wiser decisions to place our needs as priority over any wants.

In closing, I'm not going to vent your heads off anymore today.  As a result, there possibly may be a part two coming soon.  Be bless and prosperous!

VENT-Can You Relate?

Queen Versatile
with LOVE, JOY, and PEACE (SHALOM)!!!

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